Titre: Analog & Mixed Signal Design Verification
Conférencier: Kevin Jones , Rambus Inc, USA
Lieu: Concordia University, EV Building, Room EV01.162 ,
Date et heure:
lundi le 24 novembre 2008 de 09:00 à 12:00

Résumé: More and more electronic systems have components that are not
purely digital. Verification of such systems is a much less developed
discipline than the digital equivalents and the application of formal
(mathematically complete) techniques is a nascent area. In this talk, we
will discuss the nature of analog circuit design and describe the way
verification is done in practice today. We will describe some �formal�
approaches coming from the analog design community. We will describe some
of the approaches to formal verification that have been presented in
recent literature. Finally, we will mention some areas where there are
opportunities for future work.

Note biographique: Dr. Kevin D. Jones is an Engineering Director at Rambus Inc,
Los Altos, CA. He holds a Ph.D. in Computing Science from the University
of Manchester, a M.Sc. in Computation from Oxford University and a B.Sc.
in Computer Science from the University of Reading. Dr. Jones' areas of
interest cover practical and theoretical approaches to design and
verification of digital and analog circuits and systems. Prior to joining
Rambus, he was a member of Research Staff at DEC's System Research Center,
working in the area of formal methods. Previously, he had been a member of
both academic and industrial research groups in the UK, working in the
areas of formal specification and verification. For the last 15 years at
Rambus, he has been working on, and leading groups working on, practical
verification for high speed digital/ analog designs. He is currently
leading a technology development team focusing on novel design and
verification tools and methods for this class of designs.

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