Titre: LAIC based System Design: A Thermo-mechanical and Power Issues
Conférencier: Ahmed Lakhssassi , Département d'Informatique et d'Ingénierie, Université du Québec en Outaouais
Lieu: UQAM, Pavillon Kennedy, salle PK-4610 ,
Date et heure: mercredi le 07 décembre 2011 de 13:30 à 15:30

Résumé: Today, most electronic systems include several highly integrated circuits (IC) with high electrical power density consumption. The structure of these ICs is formed by several layers of materials that have different physical properties such as the thermal conductivity and the coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, thermal and thermo-mechanical problems essentially caused by the temperature difference in the IC's structure, are major causes of failure for electronics systems and ICs. This presentation focuses on the thermo-mechanical issues concerning the investigation of the PowerBlock which is a crucial part of the WaferBoard itself. In addition, solutions for design problems and investigation results are exposed to give
guidance on design strategies that encompass both WaferBoard and PowerBlock development.

Note biographique: Pr. Ahmed Lakhssassi received the B.Ing and M.Sc.A in electrical engineering from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), Québec, Canada in 1988 and 1990 respectively. He also received a Ph.D in Energy and Material Sciences in 1995 from INRS-Energie et Matériaux (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique), Québec, Canada. After that he became a professor of Electro-thermo-mechanical aspects at NSERC-Hydro-Québec Industrial Research Chair in the Electrical Engineering Department of the UQTR, where, for several years, he conducted thermal research projects. Since 1998, he has been with UQO (Université du Québec en Outaouais), where he is currently a professor and responsible for the LIMA
Laboratory (Advanced Microsystems Engineering Laboratory) developing algorithms for Microsystems thermo-mechanical monitoring and associated distributed sensors network. His research interest is in the field of smart thermo-mechanical prediction and monitoring methods to sustain transient thermo-mechanical stress peaks reliability in LAIC (Large Area Integrated Circuit) systems. Dr. Lakhssassi is a member of ReSMiQ, IEEE and the OIQ (Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec, Canada). He is the author/co-author of more than 130 scientific publications and research reports, and thesis advisor to 50 graduate and undergraduate students.

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