Titre: MATLAB Technical Seminars at Université du Québec à Montréal
Conférencier: ,
Lieu: UQAM, 201, av. du Président-Kennedy, Pav. Président Kennedy, PK-S1555 ,
Date et heure: jeudi le 22 septembre 2016 de 09:30 à 12:00

Résumé: Millions of engineers and scientists worldwide use MATLAB to analyze and design the systems and products transforming our world. Our goal is to help you gain the knowledge to become more efficient and effective using MATLAB.

Join us for a complimentary MATLAB instructional seminar on 5G, LTE, WLAN Design and Accelerating Wireless Simulations with MATLAB on Thursday September 22, 2016.

Faculty, staff, researchers and students are all welcome to attend our session.

In this workshop, you will learn about 5G, LTE and WLAN analysis and design capabilities with MATLAB. You also learn about effective methods to accelerate the speed of your wireless simulations by using new features in MathWorks products.

In the 1st section, we show how you can model, simulate and test LTE and WLAN standards in MATLAB. You can use these models as a reference to verify implementations of standards on hardware or use them as a starting-point for development of future 5G technologies.

In the 2nd section, we use models in MATLAB to learn about various 5G technologies including new proposed modulation waveforms (UFMS, FBMC) and multi-user MIMO designs.

Finally, you learn about a series of optimizations you can apply to accelerate your wireless designs and simulations. We start with a baseline algorithm and through successive profiling and code updates introduce the following optimizations:

Better MATLAB serial programming techniques (Vectorization, Preallocation)
Using System objects
MATLAB to C code generation (MEX)
Parallel Computing (parfor, spmd)
GPU-optimized System objects

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Contact information:
Angelo D'Amato
Account Manager, Education Department
Tel.: 508-647-7516
E-mail: Angelo.DAmato@mathworks.com

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