Titre: Formal Verification in the Design of Interactive Systems
Conférencier: Dr. Paul Curzon ,
Lieu: CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering , Room H961-14
Date et heure: mercredi le 09 mai 2001 de 14:00 à 16:00

Résumé: An interactive system is one where people interact with a computer device to achieve some task. Catastrophic failure of such systems is often blamed on "user error". However, work from the field of cognitive science shows that frequently the cause of such user errors is the design itself: with an appropriate design the user would not have made the error. We are investigating the use of formal verification (using the HOL interactive proof system) based on a model of rational user behaviour to detect or show the absence of such design flaws. We have applied our approach to simple vending machine case studies. In doing so we have demonstrated that we can detect a variety of different cognition-based design flaws in systems with a different styles of interfaces, including touch-screen interfaces

Note biographique: Dr Paul Curzon is a Reader in Formal Verification and a member of the Formalisms for Interaction Group of the Interaction Design Centre at Middlesex University, UK. He was previously a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge working in the area of system verification using machine-assisted proof

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