Titre: Verifying that Continuous Circuits Implement Discrete Behaviors
Conférencier: Dr. Mark Greenstreet , University of British Columbia
Department of Computer Science
Lieu: Université de Montréal, Pavillon André-Aisenstadt , Salle 3195
Date et heure: mardi le 05 novembre 1996 de 11:30 à 00:00

Résumé: High speed digital designs increasingly rely on circuits whose analog behavior
is critical to their correct operation and performance. Typically, circuit
simulators such as SPICE are used to verify that a circuit in an analog model
correctly implements a digital behavior. Such simulation based approaches are
tedious and cannot account for all possible inputs, loads, or model parameters.

In this talk, I will show how dynamical systems theory can be used to establish
the digital behavior of analog circuits. In this framework discrete behaviors
correspond to topological properties of the continuous, and I will present an
practical algorithm for verifying these topological properties. This approach
allows traditional SPICE models to be used for transistor behavior, and the
circuit can be verified for a large range of inputs or model parameters. I will
illustrate the approach using Seitz's arbiter circuit and the high speed, Yuan-
Svenson toggle element as examples.

P.S. La presentation sera donnee en anglais.

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