Titre: Customising Instruction Processors
Conférencier: Professor Wayne Luk , Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, UK
Lieu: École Polytechnique, Pavillon Lassonde, L-2708 ,
Date et heure: jeudi le 12 juillet 2007 de 10:30 à 11:30

Résumé: This talk describes recent research on techniques and tools
for customising instruction processors, principally targeting
implementation in field-programmable gate array technology.
Such technology can now support multiple processors on a
single chip, providing an exciting medium for computer
engineers and system architects.

Two research themes will be presented. The first theme
involves a multi-processor architecture with a complex
instruction set, customised for parallel execution of
inductive logic programs. The second theme involves
techniques for producing multi-threaded processors with
customisable instruction sets. Several examples in
bioinformatics and encryption will be used to illustrate
these research themes.

Note biographique: Wayne Luk is Professor of Computer Engineering at Imperial
College London. He is currently Visiting Professor at
Stanford University. He founded and leads the Computer Systems
Section at Imperial College London. His research interests include
computer architecture, configurable computing, and design automation.

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