Titre: Analysis and simulation of high-speed interconnect networks
Conférencier: Dr. Roni Khazaka , McGill
Lieu: McGill , Pavillon McConnell, Salle 13
Date et heure: lundi le 02 mai 2005 de 00:00 à 00:00

Résumé: At high operating frequencies interconnect networks cannot be considered as lumped elements and must be modeled as distributed components using partial differential equations. However, time domain simulators such as Spice require a system description in the form of ordinary differential equations.

Some form of discretization of the partial differential equations describing

the interconnect network is therefore required, thus leading to large systems

of differential equations. This has led to the use of model order reduction (MOR)

techniques as a way to obtain reduced order macromodels of large interconnect

networks. Furthermore parametric reduced order macromodels have also been

recently developed in order to facilitate optimization and simulation.

This presentation provides some insight into the fundamental problems

encountered when simulating distributed components such as high-speed

interconnects, and presents recent work on the model order reduction methods

used to improve the efficiency of interconnect simulation.

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