Titre: Advances in NanoMOSFET Technology
Conférencier: Dr. Arezki Benfdila , Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Université M. MAMMERI, TIZI-OUZOU
Lieu: Université du Québec à Montréal , Pavillon Président Kennedy, salle PK-4610
Date et heure: mercredi le 14 novembre 2007 de 15:00 à 17:00

Résumé: MOSFETs dimensions are going down from submicron to nanometric MOSFET. The present talk introduces
some advances and developments in NanoMOSFETs technology and their application in various fields of
Reduction in device dimensions in high density integrated circuits (HDICs) led to engineed MOSFETs such
as submicron MOSFET using the AHLATID, LDD, Large angle Tilt, LATID or drain engineered technology.
ONO MOSFETs are introduced to increase the gate dielectric breakdown. Besides the engineered MOSFET,
SOI (Silicon On Insulator) is proposed as an alternative technology to overcome short channel effects
(especially hot carriers). Bulk MOSFETs are featured to include drain halo doping to reduce impact
ionization near the drain regions.
New device technologies are introduced in the case of NanoMOSFETs, Ultrathin body MOSFET and
ballistic MOSFETs in which electronic transport models are based on ballistic transport are the candidates
for the future HDCIs. New current models are investigated. The CNFET (Carbon Nanotube MOSFET) is
another alternative of NanoFETs but not ready at all for the HDICs integration. The same thing is observed
in the case of the Molecular Transistor which is under investigation and developments. Electrical and
physical behaviors are under investigation.
Keywords : HDICs, Hot Carriers, Nanotechnology, NanoMOSFETs SOI, CNFET, Molecular,
Transistors, Integration, engineered MOSFET, Ballistic Transport.

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