Titre: Powering Micro-Systems
Conférencier: Gabriel A. Rincon-Mora , CAS DLP Lecturer, Georgia Tech
Lieu: Concordia University, SGW Campus, EV 011.119 ,
Date et heure: vendredi le 17 juillet 2009 de 18:00 à 19:30

Résumé: The demand for portable, lightweight, long-lasting electronics is relentless, filling a growing need in military (e.g., lighten and extend reconnaissance mission work), space exploration (e.g., remote sensors), biomedical (for monitoring, prognosis, treatment, etc.), and consumer electronics (e.g., disposable and rechargeable everyday products). Conforming to micro-scale dimensions means energy and power supplies, conditioning and processing microelectronics, sensors, wireless transceivers, and other constituent sub-systems must synergistically share a common micro-scale platform. Integrating and managing micro-sources,however, present a myriad of diverse and interdependent mechanical,chemical, and electrical challenges. The aim of this talk is to illustrate how to power micro-systems (such as wireless micro- sensors) by reviewing their system requirements, surveying and evaluating the state of the art in micro-sources, and presenting supply systems cur¬rently under investigation.

Note biographique: Gabriel A. Rincon-Mora (B.S., M.S., Ph.D., IET Fellow) worked for Texas Instruments in 1994-2003, was appointed Adjunct Professor for Georgia Tech in 1999-2001, and became a full-time faculty mem¬ber at Georgia Tech in 2001. His scholarly products include 7 books (as sole author), 1 book chapter, over 125 scientific publications, 26 patents, and over 26 commercial power management chip designs. He received the "National Hispanic in Technology Award," the "Charles E. Perry Visionary Award," a "Commendation Certifi¬cate" from the Lieutenant Governor of California, an IEEE Service Award from IEEE CASS MWSCAS, and "Orgullo Hispano" and "Hispanic Heritage" awards. He was inducted into the "Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni" by Georgia Tech, elected Distinguished Lecturer by IEEE’s CASS for 2009-2010, and featured on the cover of Hispanic Business Magazine as one of "The 100 Most Influential Hispanics," La Fuente (Dallas publication), and three times on Nuevo Impacto (Atlanta magazine).
Dr. Rincon-Mora is (was/has been) an Associate Editor for IEEE’s Transactions on Circuits and Systems II (TCAS II); Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Low-Power Electronics (JOLPE); Circuit Design Vice Chair for IEEE’s 2008 7th International Caribbean Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICCDCS); Chairman of Atlanta’s joint IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) and Circuits and Systems Society (CASS); member of IEEE’s CASS Analog Signal Processing (ASP) Technical Committee; Steering Commit¬tee Member for IEEE’s Midwest Symposium of Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS); Technical Program Chair for IEEE’s 2007 Joint MWSCAS-NEWCAS in Montreal; Technical Program Co-Chair for IEEE’s 2006 MWS¬CAS in Puerto Rico; Vice Chairman of Atlanta’s SSCS-CASS in 2004; and Selection Committee Review Pan¬elist for the National Science Foundation (NSF) for 2003-2007.

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