Raut, Rabin
Université Concordia
Membre collaborateur

Description du programme de recherche

Implementation of low power high frequency relaible analog IC and VLSI systems

I wish to conduct several projects to satisfy the goal of the program as noted above. The work will involve developing new wide band and low power integrated circuit modules. Optimization technique will be used where necessary. Adherence to theoretical circuit models will be emphasized while finding solutions for newer devices such as transimpedance devices. Since current mode systems have the potential for low power wide band of operation, newer methods to implement current mode filters will be investigated. To enhance the reliability of the analog system, the change in behavior due to temperature variations, power supply variations and process variations will be studied and methods to compensate for the changes will be developed. Attention will be paid for careful testing of radio frequency devices by considering the EMC aspects. Further, investigations will be carried out to test analog systems using digital techniques so that the existing resources in digital systems can be utilized.


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