Titre: Xenon Medical Imaging System (XEMIS) Compton telescope technology
Conférencier: Dominique Thers , IMT atlantique, Subatech, France
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Date et heure: mercredi le 19 octobre 2022 de 13:30 à 15:30

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ID de réunion : 242 828 734 068
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The Compton interaction of g-rays with matter is an elementary process that is particularly well understood. The phenomenon is weak in amplitude but it dominates the processes of interaction of photons with matter in an intermediate energy region where many radioactive nuclei emit gamma rays and also where g-rays coming from positron annihilation are emitted. Also, the exclusive and full measurement of Compton scattering offers a unique potential to determine the trajectory of each g-ray in this energy domain. Many Compton telescopes, cameras, detectors have thus or are still being developed by the scientific community in order to reveal this signal in the context of fundamental research, for controls of radioactive or irradiated matter and also for g medical imaging. This detection is reputed to be difficult, at the limit of the compromises intrinsic to on-board technologies.
Locally at Nantes, I undertook the development of Liquid Xenon technology for g-rays imaging and control. In this instrumental seminar, I will come back to the technologies employed by XEMIS, focusing more particularly on the cryogenics of xenon and its installation in a hospital, on the electronics-electrodes duo design able to measure precisely position, time and amplitude of weak ionization currents; acquisition system of the camera will also be presented. Fruit of many innovations that I undertook ten years ago, a first demonstrator system, called XEMIS2, is installed at the University Hospital of Nantes. XEMIS2 commissioning is planned for the end of 2022, where for the first time, very good images of small animals will be obtained in around 20 mns with only 20 kBq activity of 44Sc-radio pharmaceutics injected. The XEMIS project challenge is to build progressively a future liquid xenon Compton camera, XEMIS3, for human and whole-body scale medical. At the end of the seminar, I will discuss all the technologies that still seem to me to be optimized for this future challenge.

Note biographique: Prof. HDR. Dominique Thers is the scientific manager of the “Xénon” research team located at the French national laboratory Subatech in Nantes. He is the French coordinator of the XENON international collaboration for Direct Dark Matter Search, and he is coordinating in Nantes the XEMIS project, a new liquid xenon Compton camera for medical imaging. A first XEMIS2 prototype, containing 200 kg of liquid xenon, is installed at the Nantes hospital to carry out initial tests on the scale of small animals from 2023.

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