Titre: HDLexplorer from GeneriCAD Corporation
Conférencier: Spiros Boucouris ,
Lieu: Université de Montréal, Pavillon André-Aisenstadt , Room 3195
Date et heure: mercredi le 24 mars 1999 de 10:30 à 00:00

Résumé: HDLexplorer is an application consisting of an in-memory database for the representation of HDL-specified circuit information (InCore), a set of HDL parsers (Verilog at this point) that populate the database, an extended version of the (graphical) Tcl shell (wish), a set of custom Tcl commands that provide (interactive) access to the database, and an extensible graphical interface for navigating the circuit.

HDLexplorer can be extended by dynamically loading packages (written in C, C++, Tcl or a mixture). Such application can extend the provided Command set and graphical interface to create (semi-)custom applications. The graphical interface can be disabled so that HDLexplorer runs either in a purely batch mode, or with a custom graphical interface provided by the application.

HDLexplorer is available for Unix (SunOS and Solaris), Linux, and Microsoft Windows (95, 98, NT). Packages presently under development are the SDFpack (SDF loading comparison, processing) and VERIcheck (Verilog checker, a programmable, extensible verilint).

The InCore database which is at the heart of HDLexplorer has been used at Nortel, UdeM and Carleton for some years.

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