Titre: How to start-up your technology company
Conférencier: Richard Norman & Frances Layden , founders of tech. start-up companies
Lieu: École Polytechnique de Montréal , Pavillon Lassonde, Salle M-1020
Date et heure: mercredi le 23 janvier 2008 de 12:00 à 13:00


Note biographique:
Richard Norman, Technologist in-residence
After graduating from Clarkson University 1979 with a major in Physics and minors in Chemistry and Math, Richard joined IBM in Burlington Vermont, where he received the IBM Technology Division’s highest award for innovation for his user interface work. This was the creation of an information manager that was the mainframe equivalent of Outlook, Explorer, Excel and Task Manager all combined, but completely customizable through a context-sensitive longest-prefix-match command system and a rapid application generator. In 1986 Richard and two partners founded a company to develop entertainment products, where Richard led the development of a game as simple as checkers, as challenging as chess, and as colourful and portable as a Rubik’s Cube. Xeno won the People’s Choice award at Canada’s largest toy and game fair, and at its peak became the most popular strategy game at the U.S. national game players’ convention. Richard joined Vermont Creative Software in 1991, where he led the creation of DOS and Windows tools for software developers. As a hobby Richard also created the world’s fastest cellular automata Life program for the Intel-486 (10 times faster and 25 times more compact than the previous fastest), and the fastest Huffman compaction routine for the Intel Pentium. Richard then co-founded Hyperchip in 1997, and served as President and Chief Technology Officer. Richard led the development of the world’s first in-service-scalable router switch fabric, scaled routing protocols, and carrier-grade IP QoS, and also led the company in what was then Canada’s largest ever venture-capital financing. Richard is a dynamic and accomplished speaker who has presented or chaired sessions at over 30 conferences, on subjects ranging from network migration strategies to supercomputing architectures. Richard currently has 26 U.S. patents issued and 10 pending.

Frances Layden, Vice-President Finance Gestion TechnoCap Inc.
Frances Layden is Vice-President Finance of Gestion TechnoCap Inc. She is also a director of start-up technology companies. Frances is a Chartered Accountant, and has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and a Post Graduate Degree in Accounting from Concordia University. Gestion TechnoCap Inc., (“Gestion”) provides product specification, project management and seed financing for technology projects in order to develop companies. Gestion also provides management and follow-on early-stage financing through TechnoCap Inc., and later-stage financing through TechnoCap I, L.P. to the companies started from seed projects. Examples of Canadian businesses developed by Gestion include Hyperchip and YottaYotta.
For Hyperchip
a) Gestion provided specification assistance and seed financing for two years prior to the launch of Hyperchip.
b) For the last 8 years, Gestion has provided management and through TechnoCap Inc. has provided early stage financing to Hyperchip.
c) Gestion has provided seed and early-stage financing of over $20 million to Hyperchip through Gestion and TechnoCap Inc.
For YottaYotta
a) Gestion provided specification assistance and seed financing to the founder prior to the launch of YottaYotta.
b) Gestion has provided management and through TechnoCap Inc. has provided early stage financing to YottaYotta.
c) Gestion through TechnoCap I, L.P. has provided later-stage financing to YottaYotta.
d) Gestion has provided seed, early-stage and later-stage financing of over $35 million to YottaYotta through Gestion, TechnoCap Inc. and TechnoCap I, L.P.

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