Titre: Interconnects and power distribution networks designed based on electromagnetic bandgap structures for modern electronic systems
Conférencier: Ramesh Abhari , Dept. of Elect. and Comp. Engineering, McGill University.
Lieu: Université McGill ,
Date et heure: mercredi le 15 novembre 2006 de 17:00 à 21:00

Résumé: Advances in signal integration and packaging as well as device fabrication technologies have enabled realization of denser layouts, faster switching speeds and higher operating frequencies in modern electronic systems. These systems are driven by the ever growing demand for wideband telecommunication services, such as telemedicine, requiring real time high definition multimedia systems. Not only the electronic circuits are pushed to exceed their existing specifications, but also they are expected to be integrable and compatible in operation with radiating elements and signals of different energy domains, such as mechanical in RF-MEMS electronic circuits and sensors. The new paradigm of electrical engineering deals with managing signal/power integrity and interfacing within complex multidisciplinary systems.

Note biographique: Ramesh Abhari has received her Ph.D. in Electrical engineering from University of Toronto in 2002. In 2003, she joined the department of electrical and computer engineering of McGill University as an assistant professor. She has been the chair of IEEE Toronto MTT-S/AP-S/EMC-S chapter for five years and is currently the technical chapter coordinator of the IEEE Montreal Section and founder and chair of IEEE Montreal CPMT chapter.

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