Titre: Simultaneous Checking of Completeness and Ground Confluence for Algebraic Specifications
Conférencier: Dr. Adel Bouhoula , École Supérieure des Communications de Tunis, Tunésie
Lieu: Concordia , EV011.119 (11th floor, EV Building)
Date et heure: lundi le 20 mars 2006 de 16:00 à 17:00

Résumé: Algebraic specifications provide a powerful method for the specification of abstract data types in programming languages and software systems.
Completeness and ground confluence are fundamental notions for building algebraic specifications in a correct and modular way. Related works for checking ground confluence are based on the completion techniques or on the test that all critical pairs between axioms are valid w.r.t. a sufficient criterion for ground confluence. It is generally accepted that such techniques may be very inefficient even for very small specifications. Indeed, the completion procedure often diverges and there often exist many critical pairs of the axioms. In this talk, we present a procedure for simultaneously checking completeness and ground confluence for specifications with free/non-free constructors and parameterized specifications. If the specification is not complete or not ground confluent, then our procedure will output the set of patterns on whose ground instances a function is not defined and it can easily identify the rules that break ground confluence. Our procedure is the first one which is complete and it always terminates under the assumption of an oracle for deciding (joinable-) inductive properties. In contrast to previous works, our method does not rely on completion techniques and does not require the computation of critical pairs of the axioms. The method has been implemented in the prover SPIKE. This system allowed us to prove the completeness and the ground confluence of many specifications in a completely automatic way where related techniques diverge or generate very complex proofs.

Note biographique: Dr. Adel BOUHOULA obtained his Diploma degree with Distinction in Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Science of Tunis, a Masters's, PhD and Habilitation from Universite Henri Poincare de Nancy en France.

Dr. Adel BOUHOULA is currently an Associate Professor at the SupCom Engineering School of the Telecommunications in Tunisia. He is also the Director of the Research Unit on Digital Security and the President of the Tunisian association of Digital Security.

Dr. Adel BOUHOULA has been in the past the Director of the IRSIT Research Institute for Computer Science and Telecommunication in Tunisia. Before that, he has been a Senior Researcher in INRIA in France. His research interests include Automated Reasoning, Algebraic specifications, Rewriting, Cryptography, and Validation of cryptographic protocols.

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